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How it all began? 

The very beginning of egoé is linked to summer days, to the summer holidays, to a time when a group of friends, all designers of the Czech design company mmcité, tried to pick out some outdoor furniture for their gardens and terraces which would satisfy all of their needs and also fit their personal style. However, they were unable to find anything that could fulfil these requirements so they decided to start up their own brand, one that would be just right, exactly according to their vision. An apparent design exclusivity was never the objective of the brand. Rather than that, the intention was to design a sophisticated minimalist collection which would be fun and respectful to its surroundings. We design every product so that it may become a natural part of our space. Sophistication, simplicity and practicality are the things which we value the most when it comes to any design.

The brand egoé comes from Bílovice, a small village in Moravia where people still stick to traditions and customs and where skilled craftsman know how to work with wood and other materials. All of the egoé furniture is made in Bílovice without the import of semi-manufactured products from the Far East. The whole manufacturing process has become the most effective with the main focus on the quality of all products. The outcome is a collection of furniture which does well at aging. An egoé table can be easily passed onto the next generation along with all the memories it may hold.

At egoé, we transfer our experience with public space from mmcité into the area of outdoor furniture. This does not only include the practical skills and experience with choosing the right material and the right ways to work with it. It also concerns the human experience which the designers obtained during long years of their cooperation with architects, other designers and developers. Watching others work can teach you to be aware of the space and its needs while still thinking of the people who would one day be using it. This awareness and determination is what egoé values the most.


Current projects

The brand egoé currently creates it own furniture collections designed not only by the creative team of egoé itself but also in cooperation with other prominent Czech designers. This creates an interesting portfolio of products for all sorts of customers and their various needs, for their homes as well as for public places.

At egoé, people know how to have a good time, how to enjoy each other’s company, how to have fun at parties or spend some quiet time in the peaceful environment of their homes. “To be outside” means to make time, to communicate, to stop working. It means calming the soul down or giving the body a stretch. It comes as a surprise how many people spend a fortune on luxurious houses, expensive cars or garages to put them in while investing so little money into their own gardens. Yet a garden has the power to provide an extended living room, dining room, study or playroom, especially in the summertime. The environment in which we live in has a direct impact on ourselves and the way we act. Life outdoors has become the content of all of the activities at egoé.

our views

Our views of the future

People and their outdoor activities is a concept which the brand would like to focus on in the area of furniture but also everywhere else where the life outdoors needs to be refined – from playgrounds to special camper car conversions or leisure tools.
Making people’s lives outdoors more comfortable is an issue which the brand egoé would like to address with its bold ideas and authentic and functional design since we at egoé feel most at home outdoors.


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our team
Eliška Pekárek Flaková

Eliška Pekárek Flaková


(telephone number) +420 608 275 411
(e-mail address) e.flakova@egoe.cz

Bára Havašová

Bára Havašová

sales manager ( showroom Praha )

(telephone number) +420 731 591 464
(e-mail address) b.havasova@egoe.cz

Bára Očenášková

Bára Očenášková

sales & export manager

(telephone number) +420 725 581 713
(e-mail address) b.ocenaskova@egoe.cz

Katka Kotlová

Katka Kotlová

product manager

(telephone number) +420 739 506 728
(e-mail address) k.kotlova@egoe.cz

Bára Del Maschio

Bára Del Maschio

sales manager Czech republic

(telephone number) +420 734 267 552
(e-mail address) b.maschio@egoe.cz

Denisa Valášková

Denisa Valášková

sales manager Slovakia

(telephone number) +421 903 295 883
(e-mail address) d.valaskova@egoe.cz

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