We couldn’t have made it more simple. A thin vertical lamp-post turns away from its axis and shifts into an original shining circle made out of a special luminous surface. laso will tame the darkness in your garden, on your terrace or in any public space. Pretty awesome, don’t your think?

The exterior lamps from the laso series consist of three components which can be screwed together. Thanks to the linking connectors attached to the individual parts you can easily switch the height of the lamp from taller to shorter.
The base and the tube of the lamp are made out of zinc-coated steel with a powder coated finish. On the base of the lamp you will find a foot switch covered with an outdoor carpet layer. The aluminium lamp shade contains LED strips coated with acrylic resin. The shade has also been sprayed with photoluminescent powder which can glow in the dark for up to five hours.



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