At Delikomat they have decided to adopt the current trend of creating pleasant and attractive spaces
for their employees not only in the work areas but also in places of refreshment and relaxation.

That is why their headquarters in Brno-Modřice is equipped with a stylish terrace. The architect
Marek Štěpán from Atelier Štěpán recommended our furniture for its outside terrace, specifically
chairs from the axis series, bistrot tables and two alva deckchairs.
All three series make use of wooden slats and they complement each other very well. Furthermore,
all of them offer orange as one of the basic colours which was convenient for the investor who
requested orange to emphasize the colour of their logo. Consequently the terrace has a very own-
brand appeal. The tables, chairs and deckchairs are all stackable and even the large alva deckchairs
can be moved around thanks to their aluminium structure. The deckchairs crown a visually separated
space, a little refuge detached from the hustle and bustle of the main terrace. Here their
sophisticated design is allowed to stand out.
Bistrot tables whose design is simplified to the core, are surrounded by axis chairs. These, on the
other hand, represent a prime example of how, just by making several small and always functional
alterations, a very practical and economical design can be turned into an interesting and eye-catching
piece of furniture which has the power to redefine any given space.

products egoé: axis, bistrot, alva

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