Espresso Bar EMA

In Ema they needed an elegant solution to a difficult task: how to make it possible for their guests to
enjoy being outside while respecting a ban on obstructing the pavement? Outside seating is always
attractive in a café and Ema is a place that is usually teeming with customers so every extra chair is
This minimalistic commission presented us with an exciting challenge: our radium stools seem to
have been born for this role. Their unobtrusive but playful and confident design attracts attention
without being disruptive to their surroundings. They can be used both for sitting and as little tables
for your coffee or your book. They are weatherproof and come in a great variety of colours which
enable them to lighten up any type of space. The owner of Ema Espresso Bar chose colours from the
basic line which perfectly embody the spirit of the café and enhance its overall design.

Subsequently more stools were ordered so today the guests can enjoy sitting on stools that are the
epitome of the café’s philosophy: local production, high quality ingredients, original approach, plus
cutting-edge design.

products egoé: radium

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